The Arizona Disc Golf Club is proud to present the Southwest Cactus Series! Please familiarize yourself with the following basic rules if you plan to compete for series standings:
  • All dates are subject to change without notice. We will strive to have the most up-to-date information available on this site.
  • The points format changed as of 2010. Read the new format rules below.
  • You must be a current Arizona Disc Golf Club member to earn Cactus Series points (prior events within 30 days of membership will be counted).
  • Points will be updated after the cactus series fees are received by the AZDGC.
  • You must compete in (and finish) at least three events to qualify. If you compete in more than three events, your top events (a maximum of eight) finishes are used, so increase your chances and play in them all!
  • $3 from each Cactus Series Tournament participant is deducted from the entry and put towards the end of series payout.
  • Final Cactus Series payout is top half of qualifying competitors in the all divisions.
  • Points earned in one division will not transfer to another division mid year.  Example:  If you move up from intermediate to advanced, your points earned in the intermediate division would not carry over into the advanced division.
  • Get a $5 discount on Cactus Series events by joining the Arizona Disc Golf Club.
  • Amateur divisions will be according to the new PDGA format.  Join the PDGA, get your rating, so you know you’re playing in the correct division.


Cactus Series Points

Starting in 2010 the points are awarded similar to the PDGA points system, for each opponent you either beat or tie you will receive points. All points earned are based upon the division you play in for a given tournament.For each player in your division finishing either tied with or lower than you in a single day tournament you will earn 1 point.
For each player in your division finishing either tied with or lower than you in a multi-day tournament you will earn 2 points.

  • If you do not finish the tournament (DNF), you will NOT earn any points for that tournament.
  • You must compete in at least 3 events to qualify for end of season awards.
  • The maximum counted tournaments is 8, this gives you the opportunity to play a broader range of tournaments from previous years in order to qualify.
  • A player does not have to be a current member in order for you to earn points by finishing higher than them. If you beat or tie them, you earn points.

As an example, in a single day event with 10 people in the division, a third place finish would earn 8 points —
one point for completing the tournament and 7 points for a third place finish (out of ten – seven players finished lower regardless of their membership status).

A three way tie for sixth place finish on the same day in the same division of 10 people would result in 5 points for each player involved in the tie. (out of the ten players, five finished higher).
Using the same examples for a multi-day tournament the points earned would be doubled.